Magnetic separators based on permanent neodymium and ferrite magnets are used for purifying different bulk and oil materials from ferromagnetic pollution, such as filings, wires, screws or nuts. They are widely used, amongst other, in processing of plastics, food industry, tobacco industry, wood industry, ceramics and recycling.

In our wide range of products you can find filter bars of various length and diameter. Magnetic separators are produced on the basis of these filter bars. We also produce separators of various dimensions on Customers’ request. These separators are useful in catching magnetically soft materials, such as iron filings, screws, nuts and wires, from bulk substances (powders, granules, grains). These devices may be used in food industry, plastics processing, ceramics and many others. Magnetic parameters, operation range and dimensions are selected according to the Customers’ requirements.

Grates, drawers, magnetic filter bars

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