1. Supplier and regulations information

The Online-Shop which operates on Internet page www.magnet-magnete.eu is run by a company:

ENES Magnesy Pawel Zientek Sp. k.

address: ul. Gen. Tadeusza Kutrzeby 15, PL-05-082 Stare Babice, Poland

VAT Reg.No: PL1182054337

e-mail: shop@enesmagnets.pl

The Online-Shop enables making purchases by means of the Internet. These regulations define conditions on which the ENES Magnesy Pawel Zientek Sp.k. company “the Seller” runs its business operations through its Online-Shop. In these Regulations any person placing an order is called “the Buyer”. In any commercial transaction between the Seller and the Buyer only these Regulations are valid as a completion of relevant law regulations. For purposes of the Shop operations only Polish Law may be applied.

2. Entering into a Contract

Correct filling by the Buyer of an order form available on the Internet shop pages and subsequent confirmation of placing an order for products put by the Buyer into the so called “Basket” – by clicking a button “FINALLY ORDER” - is considered essential and necessary condition for realizing the order. Doing that, the Buyer is placing a legally binding order for products chosen by her or him. After placing an order the Buyer shall immediately receive from the Seller via E-mail or, more rarely, fax, confirmation of reception of the order. In this way the Seller and the Buyer enter into a buying and selling contract “the Contract”. In case the Buyer does not receive written confirmation of reception of his or her order, the Contract is considered not closed. The Seller reserves his right to desist from realization of an order without giving any reason. In such a case the Seller shall not send confirmation of reception of the order. The Contract shall be automatically terminated in case the Buyer does not make a necessary prepayment to the Seller within 14 days from the date of placing an order. Moreover, in particular cases the Seller reserves his right to terminate the Contract without giving any reason. In such cases, however, the Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer about his decision within 3 working days. Entering into the Contract is considered to be tantamount to understanding and accepting all the provisions of these regulations.

3. Delivery of Products

All the ordered products shall be delivered on address given in the order form. Only the Buyer is responsible for correctness of data entered into the order form. The Seller shall forward the ordered products within two working days from the date of receiving full payment for the products (this rule does not concern shipping on a basis of bank transfer). All the products ordered that have been sent before receipt of the payment remains the Seller’s property until full payment comes in. Ordered products are delivered by Post or the DPD Delivery company. However, the Seller reserves his right to realize delivery by means of other service suppliers. Detailed price-list together with realization times of delivery depending on destination are presented in a separate template. Final delivery costs will be automatically calculated in the order form and subsequently added to the value of the order. Each parcel comes with VAT invoice.

If you would like to order our products for any postal code included in the table below, please contact us about the exact transport costs:

4. Prices and conditions of payment

All the prices of products available in the Internet shop are quoted in EURO. Prices presented in the Internet shop should be considered only an invitation to place offers as stated in Art. 71 CC and do not make an offer as understood by Art. 66 CC. All prices include Polish VAT to the amount of 22 per cent. With forwarding products to VAT payers from the EU countries we can calculate the 0 per cent VAT rate if, together with an order, such Clients give their valid EU-VAT Reg.Nr., registered for trade within the European Community. With orders placed through the Internet shop ordered products are send by the Seller only after reception of payment. The Seller accepts the following forms of payment :

- prepayment to our banking account

- prepayment to our banking account on a basis of a proforma invoice

- prepayment by means of a credit card or the Paypal system.

Minimal amount for order is 10 EUR + transportation + VAT. Orders below this amount will not be realized by the Seller.

5. Guarantee of Quality and accuracy of delivered products

The Seller guarantees appropriate quality of magnets delivered, i.e. states that they have been properly magnetized and refer to parameters given by the Seller. In addition to that, the Seller gives his guarantee of compliance of forwarded products with an order placed by the Buyer. In case of possible discrepancies in assortment resulted from the Seller’s mistake the Seller shall be obliged to supply the Buyer with missing part of an order or change it in full or in part on his own cost. In case of receiving products which prove to be faulty the Buyer can, within 14 days from the date of parcel reception, claim for removing a fault or changing the products in full or in part for a new one on the guarantee basis. If the fault removal of change of the products is not possible, the Buyer is entitled to desist from the Contract and to claim his payment return in full or in part, but in such a case the Buyer is obliged to inform the Seller about this decision and to enable the Seller to control the faulty products. Any claims should be presented in writing and sent by fax or e-mail to the company address as stated above. The Seller does not bear responsibility for damages to magnets which arise during their use by the Buyer starting on a moment of reception of the products, and in particular :

- damages resulting from careless or unskilled handling of the magnets 

- damages concerning tearing or splintering of the outer protective coating 

- damages resulting from uncontrolled impact of magnets 

- damages concerning breaking or splitting of a part of the magnets

- damages arisen during an attempt to machining the magnets

- damages connected with magnetization loss due to influence of high temperatures, higher than max. working temperature for a material used and shape of the magnet

(generally, neodymium magnets should not even shortly be exposed for temperatures higher than 80°C, unless they have been produced from special materials (H, SH, UH, EH) with higher max. working temperature. It is to add that max. working temperature for a particular magnet will be equal to max. working temperature for material of which the magnet was made only in case the magnet in question is used in a close magnetic circuit. Otherwise the actual max. working temperature for the magnet may be considerably lower from a temperature given).

Insignificant scratches or irregularities of an outer protective coating of a magnet are not considered a product fault and do not affect its working parameters.

6. Responsibility and safety

All magnets, and in particular neodymium magnets, produce strong magnetic field, which may cause different and difficult to predict incidents with disagreeable consequences. Because of that the Buyer, before receiving magnets, should definitely find out about basic risks and threats, as well as rules to be obeyed while handling magnets, which are presented below :

We do not allow children to play with magnets!  Despite their undoubted attractiveness, neodymium magnets are not toys and are not suited for playing, particularly to young children! Apart from risk of crushing fingers or in the least pinching skin there is always a risk of swallowing small elements by a child. That is why, for safety reasons, keep magnets out of reach of children.

Be attentive with your fingers and other protruding body parts!  Bigger magnets may interact with each other with strength which is unpredictable for a layman. In such situations it is only too easy to squeeze a finger, skin fold etc. While handle bigger magnets it is necessary to behave with extreme caution and use protective gloves. We definitely discourage our Clients from performing any tests involving human body or, which is even worse, using magnets for unwise jokes.

Magnets are breakable!  As sintered ceramic material, neodymium magnets may easily be broken or crushed. It is true particularly for magnets of thin shapes. It is therefore advisable to avoid situations when magnets may be exposed to impacts or acting immediately deforming forces. Connecting and disconnecting magnets should be done only in controlled conditions, by careful sliding them down or over each other, and with bigger magnets use of distancing blocks is needed. You must not cut, drill, or otherwise process magnets unless you use special equipment for such a purpose. A magnet subject to machining is likely to break, and its parts devoid of protective coating soon become damaged as a result of oxidation. Notice – powder from a crushed magnet is inflammable!

Be careful with magnetic field!  Strong magnetic field produced by magnets may affect and cause damages to electronic appliances. We recommend therefore to keep and use magnets at safe distance from TV sets, monitors, computer loudspeakers, external memory carriers, clocks etc, as well as from credit cards! Big magnets may affect functions of both hearing and heart devices!

Magnets affect human health!  The influence of strong magnets on humane body has not been finally researched. Just in case we recommend not to expose your body on long term influence of magnetic field emitted by magnets. Apart from that, nickel with which neodymium magnets are coated may be a cause of allergic reaction for people oversensitive to this element.

As we are not able to foresee all possible risks resulting from using magnets we recommend wise and careful handling of them. In case of doubts please direct your inquiries to our company. 

Together with making a purchase the Buyer acknowledges that he or she got to know our warnings and understood risks which may result from unwise or careless handling of such strong magnets. The Seller shall not be responsible for any damages or body harm resulting from using purchased magnets ! Any compensation claims connected to the facts stated above and addressed to our company will be absolutely rejected!

7. Return of Products

As individual Client, the Buyer is entitled to desist from the buying and selling Contract within 14 days, without giving any reason, with exception of products assembled on individual commission of the Buyer. Such a procedure demands, however, as a necessary condition that the Buyer informs the Seller of their decision in writing within 14 days from the date of entering into the Contract and sends products, on their cost, to the Seller premises in an original state and wrapping. In case of products return the Buyer bears full costs of dispatch from and to the Buyer, which are not returned by the Seller. Packages that have not been paid for shall not be accepted by the Seller. In case of products return the Buyer should quote a number of banking account on which the appropriate money return should be made. If the products returned reach the Seller in a damaged state it shall be considered that damages were produced because of the Buyer’s fault. In such cases the Buyer is entitled only to return a value of not damaged goods. We kindly aks you to pack products carefully by return. The Seller shall return the appropriate amount of money on a given banking account within 7 days from the date of receiving products in return, while sending to the Buyer a corrective invoice. All costs of a banking transfer are covered by the Buyer.

8. Personal Data Protection

The Buyer gives their consent to storing their personal data exclusively for marketing and evidence purposes of the Seller and to sharing the data with service providers carrying out delivery of the products ordered. The data will not be made available to any other parties. The Buyer is entitled to viewing and correcting the data, as well as to put up for finishing their storing. The Seller undertakes an obligation to protect personal data according to the Act of Personal Data Protection from 29 August 1997. In case of inquiries or doubts we invite You to contact our company.

We wish You successful purchases!