The ENES company was found in 1997 by people supported by first-hand, extensive and comprehensive experience in the magnetic branch. We are an unquestionable Polish leader in selling of both permanent and holding magnets, including lifting magnets (with disconnected field), etc. All products offered by our company come from suppliers carefully chosen and checked through many years. With respect to our Clients needs, in order to guarantee the best possible quality of magnets we have on offer, we constantly control their parameters by means of devices such as an ultimate hystergraph. 

Our company deals as well with designing and producing of magnetic separators with permanent magnets. Products of this kind are assembled only after detailed consultations with Clients, concerning their individual needs and expectations. 

As the highest quality and competitive prices have been sparking more and more numerous contacts with European Clients, we decided to facilitate such commercial relations by opening this Internet shop. We are registered for purposes of commercial operations within the European Community and for this reason to Clients having EU VAT Reg.No., similarly registered for purposes of such operations, we are able to send our products involving a preferential, zero VAT rate.

Our shop assortment consists mainly of NdFeB (neodymium) and ferrite magnets as well as holding magnets in the wide scope of forms and dimensions – overall, more than 350 kinds of products, which – soon after receiving an order - are delivered to our Clients indirectly from our warehouse. 

Two values we prize most are satisfaction and trust of our Clients. In order to assure a constant flow of deliveries, in our warehouses we hold several millions of individual magnets. Our Internet shop has at its disposal smaller number of items than the amount that is actually available from our warehouses. That is why in case you intend to purchase big or very big number of magnets it is advisable to contact us by fax or E-mail. For our most loyal Clients we are keen to keep adequate warehouse reserves, which can help to assure immediate deliveries of chosen products. 

In addition to that we supply other magnets, not mentioned in the shop offer, according to specific orders placed by Clients. Consequently, if you do not find exactly what you need in our Internet shop, please send us inquiries. As soon as possible we will prepare for you an individual offer. 

We warmly invite you to find out about our offer!

With best regards,

Pawel Zientek